The power of the human spirit

Just when all seems lost…. just wen there is no turning back…. there slowly starts a spark in the inner depths of the heart… slowly but surely it gathers momentum and power and it lashes out like a howling hurricane overcoming all sorrow, despair, hopelessness and tiredness with a wave of new strength and vigour…. I wonder at the countless number of times people have been pushed into dead ends and corners, and wonder even more at the number of times they make their way out of such dead ends… I’m not completely aware of wat makes ordinary people rise up to such occassions and perform in ways they themselves would have never thot possible… But wit d limited knowledge tat i hav, i’d say there lies the untapped and ununderstood power of the human spirit beneath all such activities… but wat is the human spirit?? does it exist??? the answer to the former question is kinda foggy.. but to the latter… i’d say certainly yes…. if we had no such spirit, we wouldn be wat v r 2day…. irrespective of wat various scientists ‘n famous psychologists say… i firmly believe dat its that unrecognised spirit within us dat guides in adverse situations… giving us the power to overcome them… stressing our cells to new horizons… extending the limits of our endurance farther and farther…..

Then again….wat guides the spirit????????

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