Watchful eyes..Sensitive Noses..Well..Fuck them..Helping hands would’ve been better

I was returning to my room alone after an unsuccessful trip with one of my best friends to a bike company’s main office (the motherfuckin bastards didn yet see it fit 2 give me d friggin bike i won..nywy..rite now at d time of dis gramps pushed arnd his weight a bit ‘n got thngs done..gonna get it 2morrw..yippee) by bus. The bus was crowded as usual. I was a bit angry with the way things had turned out that day and thinking about a million ways to torture those shitheads when……..A boy about my age..he was standing in front of me…started vomitting…he suddenly fell to the floor..
And by God..not a single heartless shit eating trash talking crap filled worthless asshole came to his aid.. As I bent down by his side, took him by the hand and held his head up from the vomit on which it was resting, I looked around and got damn angry. Not even the women had a kind word for him. In fact those whores got up from the seats, covered their noses with their sarees and moved away..(well..fuk u..u whores with rotten hair ridden cunts…his vomit probably smells better than ur 100 foot ass and a lot better than ur shit filled hearts.) And on top of all this, one guy started scoldin the poor boy. Well..I just pulled back my sleeves..flexed my muscles a bit..(idhellam kanduka koodadhu..its all in d game) stared at him and said..”Dai..otha..un velaya paaru da pottai.. vandhu kai koduka vakkila..perusa pesa vandhutan..un ditcha mooditu po”..lmao..Its kinda funny when I think of it now..He just backed off. The bitches..”Thambi…move him away from here..move him away from here…hold his hand..hold his head..”..hold his cock!! fuk u bitches… y don ya stop farting like hell and come gimme a hand..Anyway..I told one guy in the nearby seat to get up.
Thank God..he immediately obliged.. I made the boy sit there and asked him what his problem was. He told me that he’d gone to work pretty early in the morning and hadn’t eaten since then. He told me that he was fine and he’d grab a meal as soon as he got home. His stop came.. I asked him if he needed any money or whether I should get down along with him and take him home.. He graciously refused and said he’d do ok. He got up and just stumbled along..Hope he made it home..

What’s the whole damn world comin to??? X-(