Babies ‘n Kids…ooooh…U just cant luv em enuf

U ever noticed…..a tense situation..everyone’s got dat grim look on their faces….d whole atmosphere is like somethin’s gonna burst…And suddenly from outta nowhere…a kid r baby pops out ‘n does somethin funny..’n d whole room explodes into laughter..r at d very least…those grim faces brk out in2 grins.. ‘n babies..u never can hav enuf of them 😉 nor can ya luv them enuf.. jus imagine wat joy ya get wen u cuddle a lil baby.. r ruffle d hair of a kid..nw..dats some kinda joy..’n speakin 2 these wonders of nature..u could jus go on ‘n on ‘n on.. yeah..u can also hear these kids speak forever.. jus like d babble of a cute little brook….(damn..i’m gettin poetic..:-D) nywys..

wats it dat makes babies so damn adorable..tension relievin …’n all such stuff?? (Y d fuk do i need 2 analyze every single fuckin thing dat takes place arnd me?? damn..nywy..i got v go…..) hmmmmmmm………….lemme c………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….jus abt everyone likes babies.. so it must b somethin deep inside us dats makin us smile ‘n grin…coz if it were somethin v acquired durin our process of growin up… d distribution wouldn b so great.. d answer most probably is.. v relate 2 our own childhood ‘n subconsciously try 2 picture ourselves in d place of these kids and start becomin all quaint ‘n cuddly…. these bring back hidden memories u thought that were lost down that long lane of time…(damn..i’m gettin kinda poetic yet again..) me feelin 2 lite headed 2 go on..

The bottom line is : we all love babies ‘n kids. Y? coz v try 2 put ourselves in their places and shower affection upon them.. ( goin off 2 sleep)

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