Strange observations

1) Really good questions have no answers..they just lead to more questions
2) An increasing number of men try to imitate women(zippas..long hair..waxing) and an increasing number of women try to imitate men (short hair..jeans..t-shirts.)(maybe we got the whole thing wrong in the beginning 😉 )
3) Wisdom doesn’t bring enlightenment..It just makes you disgusted with life
4) Every man is impressed by stuff from other countries rather than his own
5) Power just means that everyone below you is going out of his way to pull you down
6) The public is always right, only if always means never
7) The public has a memory worse than a leaking sieve
8) Distinguished and learned reporters and journalists ask actors (most of whom don’t even know how many letters are there in the alphabet) their take on international events and matters of national importance
9) The more people you get to know, the lonelier you feel
10) The existence of a world without force is impossible