Elegy on the death of my grandmother

Its hard to comprehend
These rules that never bend
The rules of separation
The rules of death….

Not a single soul is spared
Not a single life is safe
All laid naked ‘n bare
Upon that final cradle

When you become a child again
And forget all the pain
And go back to the land above
To where you came from..

A thousand deaths happen a day
All goin’ through that darkened way
But the sorrow that surrounds yours
Just won’t go away

The strength of my youth
Is passin’ by
The ones that were with me
Have fallen behind

I’m still waitin bidin my time
Unsure, unaware of when I’ll come
Come up there to be with you
And then…we can be together…forever

Golden Days

I want those golden days back
The ones that are gone
The love I once shared
The people who cared..

I’m starved of love And I desperately want it
I could use some caring and affection
I need it..

Its time to say goodbye
I know its hard to say it now..
But time is flyin by…
And we gotta go our ways right now

Many times I turned away
You gently shook me, brought me back the right way
Hand in hand, these years we’ve made
No, these moments never will fade

The moments we laughed together
The pranks that we played together
The days we roamed..The things we broke
All of them.. are gone now

But you ‘n I, we’re still here..
You ‘n I, we’re still here…
(Standin tall amidst the dust and the ruins)

You ‘n I, we’re still here…
You ‘n I, we’re still here…
(Standin strong by the faith that is in us)

And now…we must go..
And now…we must go..
Go our ways…
Go our ways…
Go our ways…