Road Trip

Pre-election(LOT SELECTION) days…at Doraiswamy subway.. 2:00 A.M..the regular T-shop… jasa, motta, lg, vijay, aswin, myself…. smokin wit a few of d guys… a discussion starts abt road trips.. vijay ‘n i r quite enthusiastic abt immediately leavin 4 one..our plan..go 2 either pondicherry r vellore.. smoke ‘n drink a coffee der.. b der d nxt day by 8:00 coz v got warft classes at 10… d idea is totally shunned n v r mocked like hell.. Post-election (LOT SELECTION) & Pre-Paradigm days.. at my place.. jasa..vel..siva..lg.. motta, aswin, arun karthik ‘n myself..11:30 a.M.. d topic of a road trip comes up again. dis time its d same guys who mocked vijay ‘n i d last time.. i laff…nywys… all d guys wer enthusiastic… v discuss wer 2 go.. after a lotta speculation abt possible murderers, thieves n gangsters probably stoppin us on d way ‘n robbin us.. v decide 2 go 2 mahabalipuram via OMR.. i msg my buddy rammy n ask him if he;s interested.. he says..hell yeah.. n gets his ass straight over 2 ma place..7 of us leave.. my apache..rammy’s apache…aswin’s splendour (aswin ‘n arun karthik opted out).. and jasa’s new pulsar.. dis time also i had 2 get bk early d nxt day coz i had some appointments wit a few potential sponsors.. we started at 2:30 A.M.. lolz… v discussed wat 2 do in case v wer waylaid by robbers r d police.. ;).. v put petrol near my place. got a few fags n moved off… * Lg ‘n I * Jasa ‘n Motta * Siva ‘n Vel * Rammy I ask LG to capture our ride on my cell my damn fone acted up ;n got struck wenever v wer done wit d pissed off n put off d whole thing… We stopped in front of our coll..had a few smokes out der… vel dropped his bag in d hostel..’n v wer bk on our way.. it ws quite beautiful..all d big computer companies lit up brightly at nite..d calm ws really wunnerful… abt 5 km frm mahabalipuram…jasa slept and crashed his bike onto d median..lolz…v took him bk 2 d hospital past our coll..motta got damaged 2…’n i had 2 ride barebodied in d damn cold…(i shiver wen i thnk of it even nw..:0 ) d crash ws really horrible..both jasa’s n motta’s helmet wer damaged big time.. i’m still thankful 2 god for havin saved these 2 loafers..while they wer gettin patched up.. rammy, siva n i dozed off in d hospital lobby…(as seen in d picture below…some clown thot it funny ‘n clicked us..lolz..many did say it ws funny after dat.. 🙁 ) after dat… v all wnt bk 2 d college hostel..helped these guys get settled..rammy n i came bk 2 d city while d rest stayed bk..on d way bk..rammy ‘n i dozed like buffaloes.. wen v couldn control our sleep beyond a certain pt..v stopped at a roadside shop..’n i had breakfast der…while rammy had some tea..n started on our way.. ‘n dat ws d end of d fateful road trip.. v still get together n laff thinkin abt all d things dat happened dat nite..

The Miracle Did Happen…Thanks to the Lord the grace of God, we all managed to pull through.. The Paradigm was a grand success..With a crowd of approximately 4000, I feel proud to have been part of one of the grandest events in the history of my college. Thanks to TVS who sponsored an Apache RTR 160 just 4 days before the event, a 20k check from my junior, and a 10k check frm my classmate, and another of classmate’s dad who agreed to sponsor the food for the whole event, all these just 3 to 4 days before the event, we got through big time..

It was a mixture of fun, frolic, fights and technical events.. lolz..the comical thing is tat the whole team never got together to have a single photograph.. I feel sad about it.. bt nothing can be done about it right nw.. I’m very thankful and grateful to the team for being a part of this. There are no words to thank them, just a grateful heart.