The Miracle Did Happen…Thanks to the Lord the grace of God, we all managed to pull through.. The Paradigm was a grand success..With a crowd of approximately 4000, I feel proud to have been part of one of the grandest events in the history of my college. Thanks to TVS who sponsored an Apache RTR 160 just 4 days before the event, a 20k check from my junior, and a 10k check frm my classmate, and another of classmate’s dad who agreed to sponsor the food for the whole event, all these just 3 to 4 days before the event, we got through big time..

It was a mixture of fun, frolic, fights and technical events.. lolz..the comical thing is tat the whole team never got together to have a single photograph.. I feel sad about it.. bt nothing can be done about it right nw.. I’m very thankful and grateful to the team for being a part of this. There are no words to thank them, just a grateful heart.

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