Golden Days

I want those golden days back
The ones that are gone
The love I once shared
The people who cared..

I’m starved of love And I desperately want it
I could use some caring and affection
I need it..

Its time to say goodbye
I know its hard to say it now..
But time is flyin by…
And we gotta go our ways right now

Many times I turned away
You gently shook me, brought me back the right way
Hand in hand, these years we’ve made
No, these moments never will fade

The moments we laughed together
The pranks that we played together
The days we roamed..The things we broke
All of them.. are gone now

But you ‘n I, we’re still here..
You ‘n I, we’re still here…
(Standin tall amidst the dust and the ruins)

You ‘n I, we’re still here…
You ‘n I, we’re still here…
(Standin strong by the faith that is in us)

And now…we must go..
And now…we must go..
Go our ways…
Go our ways…
Go our ways…

More Strange Observations

Instincts 2k7(My college culturals) just got over. We had a lotttttttta fun. But things got rough in the end. The last day could not be enjoyed. There was a fight with the seniors. My view is that this was quite unnecessary and things could have been solved if my friends had been a bit level-headed. I dont blame anyone, but a few guys could have kept their heads. Anyway, the whole lot of us missed the most awaited last part of the third day negotiating and averting a big fight. What will happen now, I dont know. But I guess I gotta stand by my friends no matter what happens. I made a few observations during the last week…Here we go…

  • If you shout like shit, you squeak like a mouse for the next two days. (Thats what happened to me 😉 )
  • There are two kinds of drinkers : people who drink loads and pretend they never drank, people who have one or two cuttings and pretend they drank loads.
  • In a fight, the ones who try to stop the fighting get hit more than those who actually fight. (Thats what happened to me. I was in the middle of the two fighting sides pushing them both away, and a lotta loose blows fell on me)
  • Children of rich or powerful men are of two kinds : those who dont want to be in the shadow of their parents’ limelight, and those real dumb shitheads who’re nothing on their own, but use their parents’ position to show off and taunt others. (My friend got into trouble with a motherfucker, a crybaby, a real dumbhead who said his father’s some bigshot police officer and threw tantrums like a kid.)
  • Your bike’s petrol always run out when you’re farthest from the gas station. (I pushed my Godzilla for one and a half kilometres today)
  • If there’s a function in your college, your bike’s bound to bite the dust atleast two times. (My Apache got screwed twice by my friends, and my friend’s Pulsar got screwed thrice)
  • A plastic chair cant bear more than 100 kg or more than one person. ( Many chairs were broken coz two or more guys stood on them)
  • The latest, most favourite swear word of girls is “shit”. (That was what they said when a few guys on bikes cut them off)
  • If girls say you’re a guy with a bad character, you fall into one of the following sinful categories : ( :P~ )

*) you have fun
*) you’re carefree
*) you’re too busy to talk to them
*) you dance offstage
*) you play truth or dare
*) you dont show off
*) you dont “act” like you’re polished
*) you dont “act” like a good guy
*) you wear t-shirts and jeans
*) you really help others (Now they feel that you’re unnecessarily showing off)
*) you smoke
*) you drink
*) you dont come to class
*) you hit someone for calling you a thief

  • Behaving nicely to people will earn you a lot of friends
  • Dancing is just lifting your legs and throwing your hands up and down.

Strange observations

1) Really good questions have no answers..they just lead to more questions
2) An increasing number of men try to imitate women(zippas..long hair..waxing) and an increasing number of women try to imitate men (short hair..jeans..t-shirts.)(maybe we got the whole thing wrong in the beginning 😉 )
3) Wisdom doesn’t bring enlightenment..It just makes you disgusted with life
4) Every man is impressed by stuff from other countries rather than his own
5) Power just means that everyone below you is going out of his way to pull you down
6) The public is always right, only if always means never
7) The public has a memory worse than a leaking sieve
8) Distinguished and learned reporters and journalists ask actors (most of whom don’t even know how many letters are there in the alphabet) their take on international events and matters of national importance
9) The more people you get to know, the lonelier you feel
10) The existence of a world without force is impossible