The Joy of Being Myself

Just got back frm home..(Erode that is..). Rooted out a bug in my final year project (An Object Oriented, Globally Synchronized, Fault Tolerant Message Passing Interface for Parallel Computing) that had been giving me nightmares for the last couple of weeks…

The most annoying problem with the up and coming generation is that most of us do not have the notion of self-identity. All this generation does is identify itself with something else. Each and every human is unique and wonderful in his own way. Sadly, we throw it all away to be like someone else. Trying to behave like someone else is too fucking idiotic and pathetic. Look at the way we dress. Look at the way we project ourselves like we are hi-fi, decent and all that stuff. Look at the way we judge ourselves based on others’ views. If you talk in English, you are a well-behaved, high class person. I do not know whether to laugh my brains out or throw up when I think about this common view that society holds. I still laugh from time to time when I see the guys working at these posh restaurants and coffee shops. The way they have been trained to act cool and stuff…rotfl.. This is actually necessary when you consider that they may have to interact with customers who do not know Tamil. But the local Tamilians, well, I believe most of them even feel ashamed to talk in their mother tongue when they go to such shops. Since English is better accepted than Hindi as a unifying factor as far as language is concerned, I do not militate against English. It is just that it is meaningful to use it only where it is necessary, rather than making a show of your knowledge of it. Another situation where I support the usage of English is, when you feel when you can better express yourself using it.

One more disgusting thing is the usage of spoons, forks and fucking knives for eating. We are the people who eat using our hands, and it is now out of fashion to do so. Well, damn you motherfuckers who feel that way, or look down on people who do so. Personally, I’ve taken a vow never to use these things as long as I am eating Indian food. It was never really necessary to use these “implements” to eat our food.

I’ve tried to remain as unique and unfettered as possible throughout my short life. I may have faltered somewhere along the way. Still I’m proud that I’ve given it my best shot and will continue to do so as long as I live.

I’ve got a wonderful bunch of roomies with whom you can have an intelligent conversation regarding anything, ranging from the Sri Lankan LTTE problem to Operation Bluestar, from cricket to fencing, from Tamil films to French and Korean films. I was discussing my above feelings with one of them. He said that great people actually never imitate anyone and have their own style till the end. I totally agreed with him, but my counterpoint was that great people remain unique because no one can question them regarding it. On the other hand, if common man tries the same stunt, society badgers him with unpleasant comments.

My conclusion is that we are moving away from our culture and uniqueness as a society, and it is going to take another Indian Renaissance to be what we were, and yet remain globally compatible.

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  1. Hey danny
    Didn’t know you were such an intellectual da…
    Why didn’t you tell me about this blog before itself????

    Anyway this is really fabulous 🙂

    Of 7 letters
    The first asks you to see
    the next asks why
    the third is negative
    the next is a beverage
    the last letter is the first english letter
    the sixth one is first person
    the remaining letters greet you

    Who am I????

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