The End Of The Beginning

I find it kind of hard to believe. Yes, really hard to believe. There are a few things that you imagine that you hope never come true. But what do you do when these things do come true? My college days have ended. My friends have gone home. Two of my roomies have vacated and gone home. Life feels kind of incomplete without these people. I was returning home from college on the night of May 6th with Jasa after saying good bye to my friends in the hostel. I could not feel anything. I felt numb. I could not feel sad. I could not feel bad. I just felt numb. Sigh… We were returning on Old Mahabalipuram Road, laughing all the while, recalling all the places we had been to along that stretch of road. We talked about what the future held for us and our plans for the same. The four years of my college life have been beyond comparison. I really can’t say anything else. I am not able to say anything else. I do not want to get emotional or sentimental on my blog.

They say that life begins in college. Now the beginning has ended and the rest of life beckons. I am not sure if I want to go. But I guess I have no other choice and I take my steps with trepidation. Let us see what happens…

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