Creative Begging

Everywhere we go, we meet beggars of all sorts. But begging has taken a totally whole new dimension lately. There are so many aspects that are being exploited that it only makes one wonder at the creative juices that flow within these guys. Two days back, during my unfortunate stint at home, I was in a coffee shop near the railway station. As I came out to leave, a guy came up to me and told me that he had lost everything on the train and he needed some money to get to the next town. I asked him how much he needed and gave him twenty bucks to get a ticket. I went inside the shop again and got some water to drink. The owner told me that that fellow was a con man and he gets money from whomever he meets like this. I was stunned. All the happiness of performing a good deed vanished and I felt a lot of anger rising in me. Then I started laughing appreciating the well-played act put up by that fellow. As I drove back home, I remembered all the times I had been conned like this. The previous day in Trichy, some young fellow came up to me and told the same story. I gave him thirty bucks. A month ago, in Koyambedu, while sending off one of my best friends, one lady told me the same story. I gave her ten bucks. The note was a little shaggy. She looked at it doubtfully and asked me to replace it. I shouted at her like anything and drove her away. Women with babies, men and women with sad stories, ahhhhhhhh… begging is going places my friend. it is going places. It is up to the general public to be aware of all this bull shit and turn a blind eye to these cunning motherfuckers. I am not against helping the poor, but I am very much against getting conned. So for those of you with good hearts, please, I repeat, please be aware that there is a lot of cheating going out there. These guys act and seem genuine. But remember they are nothing more than con artists who live on the genuine concern of the good-hearted ones. Kids are being brought into the beggin racket as well. And it does pain one to turn them away. But do NOT let yourself be cheated.