What is success?

The definition of success from the point of view of the society would probably be the following: Getting a nice income, providing for one’s family and the absence of deficit of things that are within your reach. Though I feel that this definition is bullshit, it makes sense in a perverted way because the primary goal of society is to ensure its own advancement as a collective organism irrespective of the well-being of its constituent organisms.

It is not surprising that the general public adheres to this definition of success, because over time, the views of the public become the views of the society. Well, if society is an organism, what guides and directs it? The whims and fancies of an elite few. What is the eccentricity of a powerful man becomes the mimicked normal character of a common man because he believes,
it is that very eccentricity which has vested power in the hands of that powerful man. What common man fails to realize is the role of hard work and intellect which actually vested power in the hands of the elite. People tend to have a “one-sided”, “copied” view of life and this will ultimately lead to shambles and destruction on a large scale, which I predict will happen in the next few decades. It is during this time, I believe, there will be a revolution in all fronts – cultural, economic and social. The outcome of this revolution, I am not clairvoyant or intelligent enough to predict or guess, but I hope that it will be positive and for the best.

Enough of that diversion. Getting back to the topic, I would define success as doing what you want, whether you win or lose, which is quite relative. This definition is much broader than the previous one which is a specific case of the current one. This broader view also enables the individual to break free from the shackles of society, because the society always enforces the existence of the very rich and the very poor with no middle ground. The humanitarian approach dictates that this is downright cruel.

Another diversion. Decentralized control is always beneficial to groups because it enables various members of the group to behave, learn and evolve in their own way which has proved to be the best mechanism for survival over millions of years. Centralized control, as is the case in today’s society, leads the whole group towards a path which may be right or wrong, and which may result in utter annihilation in course of time. It also promotes the welfare of the controlling authority even at the cost of other members of the group which does not strike me as the best mechanism for group survival in today’s world.

I’ve got some work pending, and I will continue further on the media and other topics in my next post.