Strange Observations (Part 3)

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22) The portion of the body covered by clothing is inversely proportional to the wealth possessed for women, and directly proportional for men.

(Short explanation: Rich women and poor men are scantily clad while poor women and rich men are heavily clothed.)
23) You doze off when you are supposed to be awake, and you are awake when you are supposed to doze off.
24) The emergency hotline (100) is always busy.
25) The ones who know say it in the simplest possible way while the ones who do not say it in the most complex way possible.
26) A fake smile is quite easy to detect.
27) In some places you have to give respect and take respect, while in some others, if you give respect, you are taken for a ride.
28) Though Murphy’s law seems to be the rambling of a pessimist, it is true.
29) All famous ascetics in our time are rich. It is quite
30) It is better to be wrong and then right, than to be right and then wrong.
31) The farther you run away from something, the closer you actually move to it.
32) The more power you have, the less willing you are to use it.
33) It is always difficult to decide how to end a list. (Proof: You’re reading it.. :P)
34) You always get what you want when you don’t want it. (Proof: (33) and (34))