The Rules of Death

It’s hard to comprehend
These rules that never bend
The rules of separation
The rules of death….

Not a single soul is spared,
Not a single life is safe,
All laid naked and bare,
Their eyes in a glassy stare.

A thousand deaths happen a day
All goin’ through that darkened way
But the sorrow that surrounds yours
Just won’t go away….

The strength of my youth
Is passin’ by….
The ones that were with me
Have fallen behind

I’m still waiting, biding my time
Unaware, unsure of when I’ll come
Come up there to be with you
And then…we can be together, .together forever…

The Call

I was walking down the road
Wondering how the world would be
When my children came around.

I saw a man hit a woman,
And she hit him back.
Man and wife seem to be
Just archaic words.

I saw nations at war,
Destroying each other from afar.
Peace just seems to be
An archaic word.

This is a call for peace.
This is a call for love.
And it’s a call for everything
That we don’t have now.

This is a call for hope
This is a call for trust,
And it’s a call for everything
That we need right now.

I saw a man lying on the road
And they all passed him by.
Good samaritans seem to be
An extinct breed.

I saw men cutting down trees
And raping forests with glee.
Nature seems to be
Another betrayed friend.

This is a call to share
This is a call to care
And it’s a call to help
Every poor brother out there.

This is a call to wake up,
And it’s a call to take up
The arms of truth and love
To fight the hate everywhere.

My English Rendition of"Veedu varai uravu"

My English rendition of Kannadasan’s “Veedu varai uravu”…
Till the house cometh the kin,
Till the street, the wife.
Till the cremation cometh the son.
Who cometh till the end, after life?

When he lives, he lives.
For a thousand things he yearns.
The crowd that around him thrives,
Doth it accompany him till he burns?

The mother for the cradle
And the maiden for the cot.
For the hunger, the pot and ladle.
After the blow, cometh the wise thought.

He asks the one who has gone,
To come doth he tell him to.
The one that has come doth he call upon,
And he tells him to go through.

The soul will take flight.
The body will rot to nothingness.
The fire will burn with all its might.
Still staying steadfast in wickedness.