It has been a really, really busy and sleepless week. But these are a few questions that ran through my mind during that little bit of free time that I had. Personally, I am behind the existing scheme of things in a few cases, but there is no harm in raising questions. So….

  1. When liquor and cigarettes are deemed safe enough for consumption, why are drugs banned?
  2. When the state has the right to take a person’s life (death sentence), why doesn’t a person have the right to take his own life?
  3. If politicians and government officials are public servants, why do they behave like our masters?
  4. If desire is the root of all evil, isn’t the feeling to have no desire a desire in itself? (A nice question asked by one of my English teachers back in school 🙂 )
  5. If it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of color, creed or sex, why aren’t fairness creams (the advertisements of which openly tout that being fairer is better) banned?
  6. If the world is a global village, who is the village headman?
  7. If it is wrong to judge people by their looks, what is the point of wearing good dresses?
  8. If marriages are made in heaven, why do couples go through hell after marriage?
  9. If India is a secular country, why is a “Religion” column there in almost every form that you fill up to join a school or a college?
  10. If actions speak louder than words, why do we have most of our exams in written format?
  11. If “love comforteth like sunshine after the rain” (Lord Alfred Tennyson), “why does it always rain on me” (Travis) ? 😉

Thoughtful answers are welcomed. 😛

2 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. Danny here are my thoughts.
    1.both liquor and cigarettes are injurious to health only (govt. should ban them also). only thing is concentration or power of narcotic is more in drugs. I mean drugs are more harmful than liquor and cigarettes.
    2.If govt. provide permission to take his own life then following cases will happen
    2a)U r already seeing how people are getting corrupted. so if govt. implement this rule then people will corrupt whole nation and when they get caught they will escape by ending their life themselves.
    2b)U know in counties like India, still some people depends on others like wife and child depends on family head (husband/father) for their life. so right to take his own life is not good.
    3.I dont have any answers why officials behave as our masters.
    but if we concern politicians, who elects them, we only na, so let us elect good one without taking Rs 500 for their 5 years term and selling our votes.
    but nowadays people who will contest are all corrupted/unfit ones only, So I would like to ask Govt. to implement unfit button in voter machine and not to select any of the unfit candidates.
    4. no comments
    5. Fairness creams are mainly for medical treatments, to prevent skin problems may cause from sunlight/air/temperature (like skin burn/rashes).
    but the way they are advertising their products should be banned. because they wont change our color. atleast mine and your face color LOL 🙂
    6. no comments
    7.Wearing good dress is ok, but judging people by their looks in not good, will u eat the fruit which is unspoiled from out side but is spoiled inside (which is having insects/worms)??
    8. No comments.
    9.I’m also having this question. this is just to count people on their cast and do caste politics.
    10.Written exam is part of the exam, one will not be judge by written test only.
    See no one will recruit us by seeing only our marks card, interview will also be present. i mean actions speak !!!!!!!
    11.no comments

    – Harish

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