Linkin Park Replies to the Traveller

Linkin Park replies to my traveller in their new song. “Take a road and don’t worry about it”, they say. 🙂

The Traveller’s Dilemma Roads Untravelled

Too many roads diverged in a yellow wood.
Not two, but more than what actually should.
And I, I stood there in silence, in wonder –
Hoping my step would not be a blunder.

My promises I have kept,
And I still haven’t slept.
But the evening drags on and on
With no sign of the morning dawn.

I know I have much to learn,
And no matter how much I yearn,
The things I will never know
At unimaginable rates grow.

Too many roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one I could.
Now, here I am, where many more diverge again,
In silence, in wonder, still standing in the rain.

Weep not for roads untravelled.
Weep not for paths left alone.
‘Cause beyond every bend
Is a long blinding end –
It’s the worst kind of pain I’ve known.

Give up your heart left broken,
And let that mistake pass on.
‘Cause the love that you lost
Wasn’t worth what it cost,
And in time you’ll be glad it’s gone.

Weep not for roads untravelled.
Weep not for sights unseen.
May your love never end,
And if you need a friend,
There’s a seat here alongside me.

I’ll pass the offer for that seat. Thankfully, I’ve got enough friends whom I can sit next to. 😀

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