Mother promise.. I’m a software engineer…

dai.. naanunm software engineer.. naanum software engineer.. amma sathiyama naanum software engineer da.. (dai. I’m also a software engineer.. I’m also a software engineer. Mother promise.. I’m also a software engineer da…)

So, I have been having quite a few “incidents” which got me thinking about similar incidents in the past.. Yeah, I know I’m going to be made fun of for this post, but it’s ok.. Have a good laugh 😛

 6th standard
 First one I remember is, back in 6th standard, my new Maths teacher told me,

  “Ei.. boy.. I can’t believe that you’re getting first rank. Look at your face. You don’t look like someone who gets first rank. I know you copy in the exams. That’s how you’re getting good marks.”

 11th standard
Was eating breakfast at a hotel near the bus stand in Coimbatore (Annapoorna or Gowri Shankar, I don’t remember). Was there with a couple of other guys and a staff for the preliminary round of CSI’s programming contest. As I was returning to my table after washing my hands, this guy stopped me and said,

“Thambi, po.. poi sambar kondu vaa pa” (Kid, go.. go and bring sambar)

 4 years back
I went to this dress shop at Erode and was looking at some clothes. I asked the boy working there to show me a particular set of shirts. He shot back, “Sir, those shirts are costly. You cannot afford them. Wait, I’ll take you to the floor below this one. You can get cheap shirts there..” Damn….

2 years back
I was going with a friend to buy some greeting cards to Odyssey (Adyar, Chenai). I stopped the vehicle near the entrance and my friend got down. The security came to me and said, “Driver, you can park the car inside near there.. ” fufufufuufufufuf

10 months back
 I gave a lift to a guy in Electronic City. He asked me, “Sir, how many years have you been driving this cab?”. I replied, “No, I don’t drive a cab. I have some other job.”. Coolly, he said, “Don’t worry, sir. My elder brother also used to drive a cab in his free time”. fufufufuuff

9 months back
There was this guy in Amazon who was a friend of a friend. We had seen each other many times but never really talked. One day, my friend told me that he was from near Erode. So I talked to him. First thing the guy asks me is what I do at Amazon. I told him I was an engineer. He laughed and replied,

“Seriously?!! I thought you were some kind of supervisor here..”

8 months back
I gave a lift to another guy in Electronic City.

After getting down, he took out 10 rupees and offered it to me. (It’s usual practice to give some cash to cabbies who give you lifts). I told him to get lost.. I don’t understand whether my vehicle looks so bad or I look so bad..

“It’s probably me”

1 month back
One guy from Ford picked up my vehicle for service outside my office. I realized I had forgotten to bring my ID card with me. I had a tough time getting back in, with the security at the entrance questioning me for close to 15 minutes before allowing me to go in. He didn’t believe I worked there 😛

1 week back
I went to office on Sunday and was about to swipe my card at my floor when the security stopped me and asked what I was doing there. He asked me if I was an employee and to show my ID card. He looked back and forth at the ID card and at me before asking me to go. I got really hostile with him. damn…

After that, I went to the rest room to wash my face and cool down. What do you know.. another security there asked me, “Who are you?”. I asked, “What?”. He shot back, “Are you an employee here? Show me your ID card.” I told him that my ID card was at my desk. He started staring at me. I got angry and shouted, “Why is every security asking the same damn question? Don’t I look like an employee?”. He apologized promptly, but then I heard his “mind voice”… –

“You damn well don’t. That’s why I asked you, you idiot”.
Dai.. mother promise.. I’m a software engineer da.. believe me..

Wonder how much more humiliation is waiting in the future!! cha.. enna vaalka da ithu… 😀

But as always, no matter what happens, yours truly is always like…

                  And as always, the rest of the world is like…