The Call (Song)

Wrote this in 2010. Used to stay close to the office when I was working for Siemens, and walked to office for the first few weeks. Started writing this while sitting on a small wall outside the office, and completed it while walking back home.

=== The Call ===
I was walking down the road,
Wondering how the world would be,
When my children came around.

I saw a man hit a woman,
And she hit him back –
Man and wife seem to be just archaic words.

I saw nations at war,
Destroying each other from afar –
Peace just seems to be an archaic word.

This is a call for love,
This is a call for peace,
This is call for everything
That we don’t have now.

This is a call for hope,
Well, it’s is a call for trust,
This is a call for everything
That we need right now.

I saw a man lying on the road,
And they all passed him by –
Good samaritans seem to be an extinct breed.

I saw men cutting down trees,
And raping forests with glee –
Nature seems to be another betrayed friend.

This is a call to care,
This is a call to share,
This is a call to help
Every poor brother out there.

This is a call to wake up,
It’s a call to take up,
The arms of truth and love,
To fight the hate everywhere.

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