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Greatness and beyond

Today d world has shrunk so much dat any1 in d whole wide world can read dis blog frm anywhere. And with this vast increase in communication, people r exposed to a lot more things that few people in previous generations would have even dreamed of. So..what does this all mean? What r d implications? D most common answer would b..increase in knowledge…globalization… etc… In the olden golden days, people had few options to choose from, fewer things to be aware of. In fact, they had only little of what we have today, except free time maybe ( 😉 ) Now..whatever you take, there r so many things 2 choose many options….The hidden implication is that it has created a hell lotta desires and goals for us. And television and mass media take it beyond a level 2 project images of heroes ‘n similar sorta assholes..

With so many options around, it does become a little confusing as to wat 2 select ‘n wat 2 become.. And as in the “Illusions” post, common man becomes so involved in illusions dat reality takes a big fucking break. I know that there is this latest bullshit fad about dreaming a lot. I believe even our president said something about dreaming a lot and dreaming big. But..hey…lets take a timeout here.. all dis fad stuff has encouraged ppl 2 bcom fucking daydreamers…idealists….in short.. ppl r bein fed crap…

I feel dat d real road 2 greatness is d ability 2 distinguish between 2 basic human tendencies : “desire” and “action”. Every single person dat walks on d face of dis earth…desires..s..every single person…der’s some saying dat goes –> “Desire is d root of all evil”….Now dat’s total bullcrap..’coz without desire…we arent wat v r…and even if we want 2 eliminate desire, in order 2 b free frm all fuckin evil…thnk abt it.. dat in itself is a desire…’n hence it must b evil… So dat saying…is nothing but a stupid contradiction 2 itself ‘n an anachronism. So…..everyone has desires..wats d big deal abt it???

All desires don get played out..In fact…the only desires (4get smalltime shitty desires) dat get played out r those of d ppl who dare 2 act 2wards achievin them.. idealists ‘n romantics do not have a place in this world..dey’re better suited 2 ritin novels ‘n story books…Reality is quite hard ‘n practical issues MUST b considered wen u wnt 2 succeed in life… d road 2 greatness is not built 4 u by someone else..maybe…ppl help u get wen it comes down 2 wat it is..its u who does all d hard work..rather..its u who HAS TO DO all d hard work…Never ever depend on luck.. Perfection is a tuff goal 2 achieve…but it is a worthwhile pursuit, nevertheless..

There r so many assholes out there who say…”Oooooooooohh….I want 2 b like him…I want 2 b like her…”..And d way these mindless minions imitate others is damn irritatin..and sad at d same time..Its ur unique personality dat sets u aside frm d others..K..drawin inspiration frm others is quite good..but imitation is fuckin pathetic..

D main difference between d ordinary ‘n d supposedly grt is their approach 2 d “desire-action” pair. Where common man is content 2 dream ‘n desire stuff…d great take it further..act 2 fulfill their desires ‘n dat goes a long long way…The will 2 matter how grt d odds r against u.. d resolve 2 stand strong ‘n never lie down even after a fall..dat is grtness…dats wat sets u apart frm common ppl..and few ppl make it dat far….