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Cutting through

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Cutting through, cutting through,
Is a motley crew, is a motley crew.
And one by one, one by one,
They slowly grew, slowly grew.
They’re cutting through, cutting through,
This motley crew.

How long must you keep on pretending?
The roads of time, they cry for an ending.
Lessons written down in blood have long been forgotten,
But deep down inside, you know we’re all not rotten.

Cutting through, cutting through,
The smoke and the fire, the thief and the liar.
Oh, they’re cutting through, cutting through,
Deception and lies, the scales in our eyes.
They’re cutting through, cutting through,
This motley crew.

The fights of the fathers leave us broken and bleeding,
While the rights of our children keep fading, receding.
Prophets cry out in vain, but people turn in disdain.
Senseless relics of the past, soon these customs will be slain.

Getting through, getting through,
This motley crew, this motley crew.
One by one, one by one,
To you and me, now we finally see.
They’re getting through, getting through,
This motley crew.

In the Silence

I was walking, in that silence,
And I saw you in that darkness.
I stood there, and I waited.
Oh, I waited. Yes, I waited.
In that silence, I saw you.
Oh my, how time has flown,
Once young, well, now we’re grown.
We’ve come far, more than they’ve known,
Let’s go home, now back to our own.
Can you take me to that moment,
Where we’re standing till time bent?
Let’s stand there, see the stars,
Hold hands, wait out the wars.
In that silence, let’s hold hands, wait out the wars.

Puffed Up Chest (Music only, Work in Progress)

A song I’d planned on working on for a long, long time.

Only 4 lines of lyrics are done.. –>
With a puffed up chest and held up head,
You walked in through my door one night,
And let it loose.

As I hid behind the walls in fear and…
Decided to release a crude version of the envisioned music today 🙂