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Piriyum Neram (பிரியும் நேரம்)

A farewell song I co-wrote with a couple of friends back in high school in 2004. Sadly, we never performed it on stage. My first Tamil song 🙂

Dedicated to my friend, M.V. Karthik, we lost in an accident a few years back. :'(

பிரியும் நேரம்,
கண்கள் ஈரத்தால் காயம்.
மறுபடியும், என்று இந்தக் காலம்?

அழுதோம், தவித்தோம்,
உணர்வை இழந்தோம்.
மலைத்தோம், திகைத்தோம்,
துணையின்றி, வீழ்ந்தோம்.

இனிய கீதம் என்றும் பாடும்,
என் இதயம் என்றும் உன்னைப் பார்க்கும்.

(English Translation)
At this time we part,
Our eyes are wounds because of tears.
Again, when will this time come?

We cried, we struggled,
We lost all sense of feeling.
Stunned, surprised,
Without support, we fell.

Sweet songs, they will resound,
My heart will forever see you.

The Most Precious Thing

I’ve held gold and silver,
Diamonds and pearls in these palms.
But the most precious thing
I ever held in these arms is you.

I’ve touched silk and flowers,
Flames and waves with these palms.
But they all touched my skin,
None touched my soul like you.

You don’t know what I went through,
All those days I waited for you.
I waited to see that smile –
The most precious thing I’ll ever see.
The only thing I’ll ever need.