The Song of Life

I woke up one morn, I knew it was time
For the greatest rhyme ever to be born
The sun shone down bright as I left the last stair
The cool fresh air, dispelling the tiredness of the night.
I could feel the thoughts and emotions bubbling inside me,
Trying to break free of the binding old notions.
As I gathered my thoughts together, I was surprised
To see them all sliced down to pieces of worthless feathers,
Nothing but a slow trickle, nothing but a big blank space,
A sad frown on my face, and an accentuated wrinkle.
I’ve had, not one, not two, but many a fall.
Somehow, I stand up, stand tall, I get through.
But this one was different….
Just when I was about to step up to the peak
Things seemed bleak, I felt the ground under me melt.
The hope of a better tomorrow, a brief moment of bliss,
All turned into an endless fall into the abyss of despair and sorrow.
I stepped out to enjoy the moon, the day had passed.
Sadly, no thoughts had I amassed. Over me, I felt failure loom.
As I looked around, I saw the old men walk by,
Their wells of wisdom never dry. I heard their smiles sound
As soft whispers in my ear, “We know of your quest.
We know you’ve tried your best. Keep trying, my dear”.
As I watched the old men’s backs fade away in the distance
The last one threw me a glance as the wind covered his tracks.
Slowly, I realized that my quest had come to an end
All along, the answer had lain around the bend, the one I’d just crossed.
It dawned upon me that the greatest song is the song of life,
Through my troubles and through my strife, I’d been living it all along.
Each day I wrote my part, not me alone, but every human
Under the glowing sun, each his verse, till the end from the start.
I laid myself down to sleep, the weight of nothing
Upon me, no stings, no wounds, only the truth burned deep.

The power of the human spirit

Just when all seems lost…. just wen there is no turning back…. there slowly starts a spark in the inner depths of the heart… slowly but surely it gathers momentum and power and it lashes out like a howling hurricane overcoming all sorrow, despair, hopelessness and tiredness with a wave of new strength and vigour…. I wonder at the countless number of times people have been pushed into dead ends and corners, and wonder even more at the number of times they make their way out of such dead ends… I’m not completely aware of wat makes ordinary people rise up to such occassions and perform in ways they themselves would have never thot possible… But wit d limited knowledge tat i hav, i’d say there lies the untapped and ununderstood power of the human spirit beneath all such activities… but wat is the human spirit?? does it exist??? the answer to the former question is kinda foggy.. but to the latter… i’d say certainly yes…. if we had no such spirit, we wouldn be wat v r 2day…. irrespective of wat various scientists ‘n famous psychologists say… i firmly believe dat its that unrecognised spirit within us dat guides in adverse situations… giving us the power to overcome them… stressing our cells to new horizons… extending the limits of our endurance farther and farther…..

Then again….wat guides the spirit????????

The battle for the mind??!!??

I’ve always admired d mind.. it has fascinated me ‘n it still awes how it defies understanding ‘n is beyond contemporary logic… i’ve always felt d mind bein controlled by 2 forces….d good ‘n d bad..each vying 4 control over dis wunnerful instrument……which might change d world….. has changed d world so much till now….the dark side…..d bright side…. d conflict between d 2 sides can never b resolved 4 d good side represents d ideals ‘n beliefs dat we’ve come 2 have over allllll these millenia of existence ‘n d bad side represents d part of d animal dat’s still left in us….even tho v try our best 2 act like v’re friggin civilized….. wen a beggar comes up 2 ya ‘n asks ya alms….. tell ‘im 2 fuck off….tell him 2 fuck off….tell him to fuck off……. wen u see some1 fall down…… laugh like hell….. make fun…… dont give a damn….. wen someon1 offends ya….. beat the shit outta him….. trash d bastard…. destroy him…… but there’re better ways 2 handle things….. give d poor fellow some alms ‘n feel happy as ya watch d thankful smile on his face…… lift him up ‘n bask in d warmth of a grateful ‘thank u’…… 4give d sucker ‘n maybe get a new frnd…….. so, lettin ur good side do d work results in happiness, love and all such stuff… but lettin ur good side take complete control can b quite borin…. imagine urself in an absolutely borin class…. ur good side tells ya 2 shut d fuck up ‘n listen…ur bad side tells ya to disturb someone, d cls, do anythin 2 shake off d boredom….. durin moments like ths, i feel its ok 2 let the wilder side take control (i usually let it 😉 ) ‘n have real good fun…. The trick is 2 never let one side take complete control all d time…alternatin between d good ‘n d bad as ‘n when necessary…..d decision is alwys urs….decidin 2 which side 2 reliquish control 2…. i guess ths is better compared 2 u bein d judge…. both sides presenting d arguments ‘n u finally decide wat’s right.. Tho i’d advise lettin ur good side be in control 4 most of d time….. it’s not wrong 2 let ur wilder side lead ya into some fun….as long no one takes any real damage frm wat u do….. AFter all.. u got only one life…one chance…. u cant live it again… 😉