If you fail to enforce simplicity, you end up dealing with complexity.
Enforce simplicity, or deal with complexity.

The total happiness available to a person for his/her lifetime is constant. Each person decides how to spend it – in continuous mild amounts, or extreme highs followed by extreme lows. — Vijay Daniel M

Coolness is an emergent property — Vijay Daniel M

I suffer from a rare disease called Xtreme Awesomeness. The doctors say it’s incurable! — Vijay Daniel M

Acceptance and attention are the drugs of the 21st century! — Vijay Daniel M

Arrows of dreams without the bow of action are useless. — Vijay Daniel M

A suit and a tie don’t make you a professional. Attitude and quality of work do. — Vijay Daniel M

Place your trust in God, not in lying, cheating, thieving and immoral Godmen. — Vijay Daniel M

Focus not on past mountains conquered, but on ones that stand in your way right now. — Vijay Daniel M

Think about it, and you’ll realize – People think they are like a river. They think they flow of their own accord. They think they take their own course. They think they shape their own destinies. I agree. But their opinions – no. Their opinions are like a frail leaf flailing in the wind. It sways whichever way the wind blows and when there is no wind, the leaf stays still – a dumb, lifeless thing with no movement of its own. Guess what the wind is here – the media.

And remember, there’s no pride in being a leaf, only shame.
— Vijay Daniel M

If you read self-help books, you don’t have a good enough friend. — Vijay Daniel M

Nothing is permanently impossible.

There are things which are possible right now, and things which will be possible in the near future, but never things that are never possible.
— Vijay Daniel M

Good things don’t just happen. You have to make them happen. Bad things – they just happen when you don’t make things happen. — Vijay Daniel M

The mundane things of yesterday become the most missed things of today — Vijay Daniel M

There always seems to be a repulsive force between you and something you like that is directly proportional to how much you like that something or someone. — Vijay Daniel M

There is no greater force than change. The next greatest is the opposition to it. — Vijay Daniel M

The existence of a world without force is impossible — Vijay Daniel M

Confidence should not be based on past experience alone, but on present preparation as well — Vijay Daniel M

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